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The Tenor Violin by Agnes Kory, August 2006.
Kodály, Bartók, and fiddle music in Bartók�s compositions © Agnes Kory, October 2007.
Tenor Violin or Tenor Cello? Problems of Identification and Repertoire (An overview from medieval to modern times) © Agnes Kory, London, 2014.
Kod�ly and his Method, programme note contribution, � Agnes Kory, March 2017

Review of Suzi Gold Memorial Workshop, 2nd July 2016.
Review of BBCM Workshop 1st July 2017.
Review of BBCM Workshop 30th June 2018.
Review of BBCM Workshop 29th June 2019.

Review of Madame Butterfly, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 27th March 2015.
Review of Don Giovanni, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 8th June 2015.
Review of The Magic Flute, English Natonal Opera, London Coliseum, 3rd February 2016.

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   Amber Onat Gregory
   Noemi Gyori
   Gergely Madaras


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